Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's been a while...

Ah, it's been a while. Sorry about that!

I reached a bit of an impass way back in July, where I felt like my only free time was spent on the laptop either thinking what to write, writing, or reading blogs. As enjoyable as it was whiling away those hours between 8 and 11pm I really needed to do some 'real life' things too. Like stop ignoring my husband!
So I had a little break, I hope you don't mind. (If you're still around!)

Our 'summer' was long, yet over too soon, and the sunny days feel like they've only just arrived, yet the nights draw so quickly now.

Much has happened over the last few months, yet I can barely remember it all!

I hope you have all had happy summers (and winters!) and are enjoying settling down into the change of season. Have much enjoyed your posts.

Great changes are afoot, bringing a smidgen more 'me' time...
So I aim to begin again, and keep it simple.  A good record, so it's easier to remember. A simple life.

So, come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

ps. as you can see I finally pulled my finger out and did some artwork at last.


  1. Welcome back.....!
    Good luck with your new start and more time!
    I never have enough time, I always thought as my chldren became older I would get more of a chance, but still I snatch a few hours her and there!!
    Not sure how some people manage it!!

  2. Hello! Glad to see you back and I LOVE the artwork. :)

  3. Gosh that artwork is so so lovely - you super talented gal you!
    And it's the best thing you can do by taking a break from the blog and think about what you want to write and when. Welcome back, I've missed you. x

  4. LOVE the artwork! Fab! I know it's hard to commit to blogging when you've got children, well, probably even when you haven't got children. I always marvel at those home-schooly American types who have spotless homes and kick ass blogs and they've got their children bothering them 24/7!!! Do they sleep? Or do they have to chain their kids up for a couple of hours everyday. I wonder. X

  5. Thanks guys , it's good to know you didn't give up on me!
    Anna, I know exactly what you mean about those amazing women and their blogs...maybe they're hiding their secret from us..if you find out how they do it, let me know!!
    And thanks everyone for positive vibes on the old artwork there, what a confidence boost. xx


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