Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Getting behind with photo-a-day....

 I took the photos I promise...but just didn't get round to posting them (honest!)

I am NOT complaining that we have a lack of 'specific' cloud in the sky today (we have a sort of sheet of high white cloud, but the type that lets the sun through fortunately), but certainly nothing worth photographing. So instead, I turn to the boys bedroom for inspiration! See handy cloud light from Ikea!
(plus Badger, keeping a watchful eye..)

All rights reserved

A sign.
Quite literally a sign. My lack of imagination evident today....

Someone you talked to today.
Well, it had to be one of the boys (since I'm not that great at asking shopkeepers/teachers/swimming pool attendants if I can take their photo.. and Mr R was not forthcoming.)
And yes, I did look like a mad woman talking to my sons shadow. Oh well.

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  1. Great pictures! Love the idea of interpreting the clouds - genius! x


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