Friday, 26 April 2013

On being an Organised Person

Morning All.

Been a bit quiet around here of late.

I'm having a bit of a lull me thinks, and I'm sort of understanding that this happens to me  occasionally, where I have to shut down a bit from the cyber world out there, collect my thoughts, do things without writing about them, draw things without posting them and get on with life I guess.

Not that I've actually done much to write about or drawn much to post because I have, I suppose, just been doing all the things I really should do all the time, but am not actually that good (read: rubbish) at doing.
I call this being an Organised Person.

I'm pretty frustrated that I'm so crap at being an Organised Person, because I reckon I did use to be pretty ok at being one a while back.
Then, for a time, I quite accepted that I tackled things as they came up, didn't have much of a diary on paper despite saying yes to doing pretty much everything (it was all stored in my head! when I remembered anyway) and got on with life in a sort of haphazard way.
It worked.
However, now, it seems, it does not work.
Increasingly I am rushing to do things, fit things in, forget things are happening and doing things twice because the first time it went wrong. And it's doing my head in!

I guess I need to get on with writing things down, more list making, prioritising, reading things PROPERLY and well, just knowing what I should be doing and when, but this seems like quite a difficult task in itself!

(It was easier when I 'Real Job and No Children' because that job was all I had to do, and not the other bits too. Or rather I did have to do the other bits too, but 'just' not the child bits which actually is what completely and utterly now is my reason for being.)

I love being at home, being my 'own boss' and especially not having anyone to tell me What To Do.
But in fact that is actually what I need.
This is an odd post for me and now I read through it a bit of a whinge, so perhaps I need to just stop feeling a bit sorry for myself and get on with getting organised.
But please, could somebody tell me how to do it?!

ps. My creativity has also stumbled a little this week. Inspiration came in the form of my jolly tesco's tulips. A Still Life Saturday Sketch this week folks! x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Saturday Sketch

Hello friends.
We're up north for the last few days of the easter hols, so I have to admit I haven't been up to much sketching, but in true 'Blue Peter' style, here's one I made earlier... (and it was waiting for such a sunny Saturday to be posted in all it's glory!)

Wonderfully fitting words for today from a good friend of mine who has dabbled in a little songwriting and much guitar strumming in recent years. Thanks for the inspiration Tel!

Happy weekend all, hope to be back with more than just a sketch for you next week....back to school next week! xx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Saturday Sketch

Can you believe it's still snowing?

This week, I've been mostly drinking tea.
That, and enduring outdoor school holiday 'fun' with the wind lashing my ankles and numbing my nose. Why is it that my children can play merrily in baltic temperatures 'sans' coat, whereas I have triple layer protection + big scarf + long gloves + hot beverage in cardboard cup, and I'm still freezing??!!!
Clearly I didn't go down the slide enough times or scoot with the wind behind me.
Oh well, at least I was the only one moaning!

Well, here's to a sunnier weekend, and guilty pleasure trip to Ikea. (Frames to be bought for a new print order - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

Happy weekend x

Friday, 5 April 2013

The *slow* decorating movement....

Sadly, this is not my bedroom.

However, I am onto it. (as you know)

So far so good...

* Carpet chosen.

Thanks for all your comments I really very much appreciated them and they gave me good food for thought. In the end we stuck with the carpet idea rather than the wooden floor + rug idea and I found a lush colour that is very hard to describe but maybe 'seal' could be used... but  neither blue grey nor brown and *hopefully* perfect.

* New slate for hearth fitted today.

Thanks husband.

* Still to decide on bedding.

I really really want 100% linen but my wallet doesn't. Seen the Bodie & Fou bedding above? Yum. But £220 yum. So actually yum, but not yum.

Well, have seen a reasonable set in H&M and my virtual basket has been waiting for days for me to confirm the order but
a) I'm not that good at online shopping, my decision making process slows right down if offered time.
b) I'm dubious as to the quality and can't be bothered with the faff of sending it all back if it's rubbish.

Is this just lazy - should I just buy it - have any of you guys out there bought it and if so, is it nice and not like a scratchy new tea towel? Or is there a wonderfully cheap, wonderfully good quality 100% linen bedding company out there that I just don't know about? (wishful thinking I suspect!)

Happy weekend all x

ps I may just start a slow decorating movement (you know, like slow food? ) then I might just get away with quite how long it's taking me to finish this room of mine. x