Friday, 5 April 2013

The *slow* decorating movement....

Sadly, this is not my bedroom.

However, I am onto it. (as you know)

So far so good...

* Carpet chosen.

Thanks for all your comments I really very much appreciated them and they gave me good food for thought. In the end we stuck with the carpet idea rather than the wooden floor + rug idea and I found a lush colour that is very hard to describe but maybe 'seal' could be used... but  neither blue grey nor brown and *hopefully* perfect.

* New slate for hearth fitted today.

Thanks husband.

* Still to decide on bedding.

I really really want 100% linen but my wallet doesn't. Seen the Bodie & Fou bedding above? Yum. But £220 yum. So actually yum, but not yum.

Well, have seen a reasonable set in H&M and my virtual basket has been waiting for days for me to confirm the order but
a) I'm not that good at online shopping, my decision making process slows right down if offered time.
b) I'm dubious as to the quality and can't be bothered with the faff of sending it all back if it's rubbish.

Is this just lazy - should I just buy it - have any of you guys out there bought it and if so, is it nice and not like a scratchy new tea towel? Or is there a wonderfully cheap, wonderfully good quality 100% linen bedding company out there that I just don't know about? (wishful thinking I suspect!)

Happy weekend all x

ps I may just start a slow decorating movement (you know, like slow food? ) then I might just get away with quite how long it's taking me to finish this room of mine. x


  1. I bet it's looking great. I'm with you on the 'slow decorating movement'! I reckon the result is better for it. x

  2. We do slow decorating here too ... it takes months to get anything done ... Bee xx

  3. This year I decided to take my time when I have a project and not hurry. I'm tying to enjoy and embrace the fact that patience is a virtue and one that will be good for me to have... S enjoy the process and the journey and when your room is done you will a surely and completely happy...( just between you and I I have been working on redoing my craft room for almost a month and still not oing to be done this weekend...) I'm enjoying the process a bit too long, ah ??? Ah, ah.
    I bet your room will look gorgeous when you are done :)

  4. Please do start a slow decorating movement - it takes us months to get anything done, and having to make decisions about tiles or colours just slows us down even further!
    Can't advise on the H&M bedding, but it's a good price. Do let us know what it's like if you go for it!x

  5. Loved this blog we are most definitely members of the slow decorating movement.
    Reluctantly....everything seems to take ages in the highlands we have been doing our cottage up for a year, new oil heating,kitchen and bathroom are all we have achieved so far....flooring is our next step wooden or carpets ?????


  6. I like the idea of slow decorating movement too! To add my tuppenceworth, I've found that it's better to save up longer and go for the quality purchase than buy the cheaper option (especially with something like linen which is a high-end product that you'll want to use for a long time). I usually end up being a bit disappointed with the lower quality stuff and then end up buying twice. Wait for the sales or until there's a discount code and at least that will save you a few pennies.

  7. Slow decorating...I like that! But I know that in reality I am very impatient and hate to live in chaos. I've ordered bits and bobs from H&M Home and been pleased with them, but not bedding. I think if your heart is set on linen, then save up for the good stuff. :-) xx


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