Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilicious!...Rob Ryan bunting

Hello there..I know it's been a while... been a bit tied up with sunny holidays, school applications, nursery applications. allotment watering, drinking wine and enjoying the outdoors.. but just in case you haven't seen this I wanted to share a great *free* find from Stylist magazine I found through the cool blog modernmaggie.

So lovely. Will be printing a load of these off tonight to mix with the boys painted bunting they made at nursery for our own jubilicious version!

Just click here to go to the Stylist site and you can download the design to make your own Rob Ryan Jubilee Bunting.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Ah Hooray, the sun shows its face at last. So of course we took advantage and went wild outdoors...
Today we..
Ran up country lanes
Wandered in the woods
Smelled the flowers
Waved at horses
Hunted for treasure
Hid in a den
Swung on a tree swing
Marveled at how blue the sky can get!

Hope you all had lovely sunny Sundays too, and Happy Mothers day to those of you across the pond!

Friday, 11 May 2012

A buy and a make...

If you saw my last post you may recall this Orla pot on my wish list.
So, it is on there no longer.
And I love it! Especially complemented by my first ever hand-made felt ball! Wahoo!

Seriously, making felt balls is a lot more fun than shopping for pots (I know - wow) and is so easy..

It's Art week at T's nursery so I volunteered along with some other mums to take part in helping the children make felt olympic medals under the fab tutorage of a local textile artist Michelle Dibdin.
The children were pretty engrossed with the whole felt-making process - relatively speedy with lots of tearing, squirting, squashing, patting and rolling so lots to keep them entertained. What started off as a bunch of yellow fibre soon became a piece of fabric, and soon to be super personalised medals. Will post pics as soon as T proudly brings his home from nursery.

The best bit though was the grown-ups got to have a go at the end, and despite the fact that every mum deserves a medal for well, just being mum, the felt ball idea has so much more craft potential!

I'm now addicted and even begged 'the felt lady' for some of her merino so I could make some more at home with T.

I'm thinking ball bunting, necklaces, rugs... endless fun in our house!

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More blue and orange faves...

Although clearly I have not yet mastered the art of pulling pictures in posts nicely, (tips anyone?) you can see where this is going... (hopefully!)

Ingela Tivoli Balloons print here
Aardvark Tea towel here
Orla Pot here
Ingela P Arrenhius Plate here
Karlsson Clock here
Marimekko Oven glove here

I'm working on this little collection of mine!

Rain respite...

Is it really May? I know we're all a bit fed up of all this crappy weather now, despite the odd sunlit afternoon, so come on weather, sort yerself out!
Still, what can you do...much fun still was had scooting and biking by the old church on the Green. Oh, and new haircuts to boot.
No, am not showing you mine. !

Ps Kitchen almost finished
Pps I know - the longest kitchen re-fit in history
Pps It's down to me now though, those doors won't paint themselves! A pictorial update to follow!