Sunday, 13 May 2012


Ah Hooray, the sun shows its face at last. So of course we took advantage and went wild outdoors...
Today we..
Ran up country lanes
Wandered in the woods
Smelled the flowers
Waved at horses
Hunted for treasure
Hid in a den
Swung on a tree swing
Marveled at how blue the sky can get!

Hope you all had lovely sunny Sundays too, and Happy Mothers day to those of you across the pond!


  1. How magical! Looks like so much fun :)

  2. Hiya - I love that first picture - I think that's how we all felt in the UK this weekend. Back to boring old rain and grey today though 'oh well' chin up I guess.

    Nina xxx

    1. Thanks Nina, I know, that cheer really summed up our Sunday. Back to precipitation now tho...

  3. what a wonderful place to romp around. especially that log den!

  4. LOVE to see kids having so much fun outdoors. Remember when we were kids and we'd spend all day outside? Building dens outdoors, picnic by the river, going places we weren't allowed, running away from the flasher... ah happy days.


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