Friday, 11 May 2012

A buy and a make...

If you saw my last post you may recall this Orla pot on my wish list.
So, it is on there no longer.
And I love it! Especially complemented by my first ever hand-made felt ball! Wahoo!

Seriously, making felt balls is a lot more fun than shopping for pots (I know - wow) and is so easy..

It's Art week at T's nursery so I volunteered along with some other mums to take part in helping the children make felt olympic medals under the fab tutorage of a local textile artist Michelle Dibdin.
The children were pretty engrossed with the whole felt-making process - relatively speedy with lots of tearing, squirting, squashing, patting and rolling so lots to keep them entertained. What started off as a bunch of yellow fibre soon became a piece of fabric, and soon to be super personalised medals. Will post pics as soon as T proudly brings his home from nursery.

The best bit though was the grown-ups got to have a go at the end, and despite the fact that every mum deserves a medal for well, just being mum, the felt ball idea has so much more craft potential!

I'm now addicted and even begged 'the felt lady' for some of her merino so I could make some more at home with T.

I'm thinking ball bunting, necklaces, rugs... endless fun in our house!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Both are extremely lovely! Enjoy your felting projects. x

  2. Happy Felting, love the pot too.

  3. I want to make one! Me me! Show us how you did it. And felt ball bunting, do it.
    Love the pot lots too. X

    1. Anna, your enthusiasm made me laugh. Love it. And since you asked so kindly I'll have a go at a DIY felt ball post - coming soon! x


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