Saturday, 22 December 2012

End of year high....

Hello! Not long to go now!

Have really been enjoying all your festive posts and pictures this week.

Some lovely news this week for me, my prints are now available to buy in a shop!

 Yes a REAL shop!

If you have any idea how excited I am then you will know I have big smiles.
This is big news for me, and really one of the main reasons that words and pictures began.

Raindrops on Roses is a beautiful shop in town that opened end October in the lovely old part of town where the streets are a bit higgledy and the cobbles are a bit wobbly. It has 2 reasons for being:

1) 100 % of the profits go to support Herts Against Cancer, a charity dedicated to raising awareness  of cancer and improving early detection.

2) To include and support the best of local creative talent

So when I discovered this shop with a difference was opening I knew it was an opportunity I didn't want to miss. Using my pen and paper to hopefully raise some money for a very worthwhile cause. It really was this that kick-started me into printing up some of my designs.

When I finally had something to show them I was wobbling as much as the cobblestones as I approached the buyer, but was amazed at her positivity and support....and her order!

So my prints proudly sit alongside some wonderful pieces made locally (it is amazing how many creative people live under your nose (not literally) without you knowing any of them) and some gorgeous gifts you would be more used to finding in little Islington boutiques. The shop, 'apparently', is usually heaving.

Why 'apparently'?
Well since I made my delivery to them, I'm too nervous to go in!
A bit self-concious really.
So, am waiting for the day before Christmas, when I know it'll be packed in there with last minute shoppers and I can sneak in and a quick look around, un-noticed.
And only then will I really believe it!
I'll let you know how I get on!

Have a warm happy christmas everyone, relax enjoy and have fun x x

Friday, 21 December 2012

Of golden stars and cauliflowers...

We've had a pretty rubbish week here to be frank.

T has had 'the' bug, I am suffering too ( it's bound to happen when you end up squashed into a childs' bed with said ill boy every night this week), we haven't been out of the house for a week, getting on each others nerves and generally suffering cabin fever extrordinaire.

However, being indoors all week meant that the 2 reasons I did leave the house were even more enjoyable!

First up, Mr Jim was in his first ever nativity at nursery, the Sleepy Shepherd. The nursery children were all golden stars, and unbelievably sat still for a whole 20 minutes before it was their turn to shine.
Boy was I proud.

And not to waste the opportunity of actually being out of the house, I snook off to the allotment to see what winter delights might be waiting for me....

....and I wasn't disappointed! In fact I eeked with delight. I haven't been to the lottie for a LONG while (ie since it's been cold and/or wet) so how this little beauty managed to blossom is beyond me!

A hearty cauliflower and gorgonzola recipe followed, and was much needed in this house of poorly people!!
(Apparantly this variety of Cauli (Romanesco) is best eaten raw or lightly steamed as 'it's all about the looks - honey' and admittedly the whole reason I grew this variety was because it looks so much cooler than your average cauli, but - when it comes to eating a raw green fractal, I'm not sure I'd get many hands up, so soup it was.)

Have jolly weekends friends, and an exciting countdown to the big day x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Make stuff

When I saw this image on the poppytalk blog post today it made me think Yay! I love people who make stuff too!

Am thinking there's a little shop in my home town who need this sign in their window...

Hope your day has been good today x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Early morning skies

A few shots from early this morning. After the constant state of *rush* I've been in over the last couple of weeks this Monday morning sky really echoed the lift of fug and teeny bit of clarity coming back into my head this week!

A big hearty *THANKS* to you all for your lovely, motivating and inspiring comments recently, it means a great deal, and has certainly helped me on my way. Much gratitude for the pinning of my new prints and spreading the word that has been happening... And also a great big HELLO to new friends following me on my journey! It's lovely to have you here.

Am off now to find inspiring soup recipes in preparation for warming the cockles on a chilly christmas eve afernoon, and of course, to instruct Father Christmas that he better start wrapping all those pressies.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012



So, as I mentioned a while back, I have been creatively dabbling away behind the scenes. This, I must add, has seemed like a v-e-r-y slow process. What seemed to be endless and new-found 'free' mornings in September (when both the boys started school) rapidly became 2 hours of toilet cleaning-washing up-food shopping-etc-etc from October onwards. I found the odd day (and eve) though, to do what I hoped I might when I started up this blog. Stop being a frustrated creative, put pencil to paper and just be. Creative.

So my doodles became 'artwork' *eek* and suddenly I'd filled a sketchbook (it's been a long time),  and then even more suddenly I thought hey! I like this, I really like this. I'm doing something that I like!!

And so Words and Pictures began. My new path.

And I must say a big thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and inspring me to have reached this place...I don't think I would have ventured this far without your company!!

My prints will be available to buy VERY soon, **update, you can buy them now! Etsy shop is open!!** I have 6 designs and will post some pics over the next day or two.... - I am nervously excited..but hope someone out there (well some-two or maybe three) out there will like them and want to own one.

My Etsy shop listings are taking an age, but I will get there in the end (the photos are proving to be my stumbling block- crap camera, crap light, dark days.. excuses are endless) and keep my fingers crossed.
And hope for my little bit of magic.

Jen x

ps I have also delved into the social media whirlwind that is facebook for words and pictures, so please, if you'd like to like me or share me then I'd very much like that! (and you!) You can click on the link above, or on the F icon in the side bar. Thank you! xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Melting moment!

Found: 1 frosty leaf WLTM warm pocket on the school run for melting moments and lasting memories.

J found this on the playground and gave it to me. "Look mummy it's a heart!" Bless. (He knows how to impress his mother...)