Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Melting moment!

Found: 1 frosty leaf WLTM warm pocket on the school run for melting moments and lasting memories.

J found this on the playground and gave it to me. "Look mummy it's a heart!" Bless. (He knows how to impress his mother...)



  1. Just beautiful - a gorgeous image and gift xo

  2. So beautiful. And what a honey your boy is! x

  3. That is so beautiful...and thoughtful.

    Nina x

  4. Lovely boy! It is indeed very heart-shaped. x

  5. Ahhh that is so lovely, what a sweetheart he is :o) I just found you from over at Bee's linen cloud (her of the awesome giveaway this month)....lovely blog...really lovely header for your blog, did you do it yourself?? Emma xx

    1. Nice to meet you Emma and thanks for coming to visit! Yes, mucho thanks for the compliment, I did design the header myself...all part of my 'trying to put pen to paper' effort! More to come on that subject very soon! x


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