Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Colour pop

Hello again. I had a brief *pause* there for a while...nothing exciting happening in my life...(well not worth sharing anyway!)

And sometimes there just isn't much to say.

Sometimes though, you see something that makes you think, oh! I do have something to share! It may not be very exciting, but hey it's whats happening with me this week...

So, after seeing this lovely calm, uncluttered room belonging to Brooke Holme today whilst multi-tasking (read: browsing the net looking for suitable festive gifts/washing/ironing/letting the sink overflow (with water - not washing up, *eek*)) I discovered that I seem to have a penchant for turquoise, without realising until now.
(I told you it wasn't exciting, but here follow some nice images to make up for it...)

Lovely huh? Not very festive of course, which is what I was really supposed to be looking for, but when it caught my eye I couldn't ignore it!

So I thought while I was at it I might as well share some of my other turquoise faves with you...

1. Rex Ray wall decals by Blik
2. Aquasilk rug by abc carpets
3. Antique books by modulem on etsy
4. Succulent photo by theestateofthings
5. Nightswimming painting by maechevrette on etsy
6. Jonathan Mutch graphic design

A brief respite from all things red, white and snowflake shaped.


  1. Very nice. I like turquoise too, and teal. It could be really festive teamed with grey, white and silver and, like you say, would make a refreshing change to red and green! x

  2. This room with its turquoise and pink flowers is just beautiful. The perfect antidote to all things C******** ♥

  3. That's one of my favourite colours too Jen. Although I don't really have a lot of it around the house, I am totally drawn to it. That's a beautiful room and I really like the Rex Ray wall decals - gorgeous. x

  4. I'm with you I love all turquoise hues, its such a soothing yet vibrant colour x

  5. I love turquoise too. I seem to have little phases of other colours and then go off them once I've overdone it - but I always like turquoise! x

  6. I love the rex ray wall decals, I have spotted them a while ago too! Turquoise is very relaxing especially matched with sandy browns like above! x

  7. Lovely - calming and those decals are super cute.


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