Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'm in love...

With these gorgeous vintage indian kathkas...

 Long, long ago in the dim and distant past (well, it seems like it anyway) I used to travel fairly regularly to Delhi. Trips to India were my favourite trips of the lot. Yes we were working, but surrounded by such colour, such vibrance and such lovely people. Inspirational in many ways. Of course it would have been rude not to have picked up some lovely stuff when I was there, so I do have wardrobes overflowing with bits and pieces rather similar to these kanthas, but hey, there's always room for more - no?

The bottom on is my favourite. I've got a bit of thing for orange and slate blue together.
Also loving the way it co-ordinates with this fab print from inaluxe I spotted the other day and have added to my wish list!

What about you - what's your fave?

Kantha images found here

ps. I would really like to add that as much as I'm in love with these gorgeous pieces of cloth I am also aware how ridiculously expensive they are in comparison to an average textile workers earnings in India. My only hope is that a decent proportion of this goes back to the people that work hard to make these quilts. I'm guessing it doesn't, as that's the world we live in, but here's hoping anyway.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


  1. Oh I adore kantha quilts as well ... I have been admiring them for some time ... there are sellers on ebay direct from India who claim to sell these in an ethical fashion ... I only hope it is true ... Bee xx

  2. I love them all, it is hard to decide...ok maybe the 1st (or the 3rd, I cannot do this really)! I love my whites and greys but when I see vibrant colours and patters like this my mood always changes to happy! x

    1. That's definitely what they make me feel too - happy!

  3. Wow I love that print! Amazing. Such great colours. We have a couple of aboriginal paintings here that are so vibrant, that print would work perfectly with them! Also... I've sent a little sunshine award your way on my blog today. Enjoy! x

    1. Your prints sound lovely. Thanks for my sunshine!!!


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