Friday, 21 December 2012

Of golden stars and cauliflowers...

We've had a pretty rubbish week here to be frank.

T has had 'the' bug, I am suffering too ( it's bound to happen when you end up squashed into a childs' bed with said ill boy every night this week), we haven't been out of the house for a week, getting on each others nerves and generally suffering cabin fever extrordinaire.

However, being indoors all week meant that the 2 reasons I did leave the house were even more enjoyable!

First up, Mr Jim was in his first ever nativity at nursery, the Sleepy Shepherd. The nursery children were all golden stars, and unbelievably sat still for a whole 20 minutes before it was their turn to shine.
Boy was I proud.

And not to waste the opportunity of actually being out of the house, I snook off to the allotment to see what winter delights might be waiting for me....

....and I wasn't disappointed! In fact I eeked with delight. I haven't been to the lottie for a LONG while (ie since it's been cold and/or wet) so how this little beauty managed to blossom is beyond me!

A hearty cauliflower and gorgonzola recipe followed, and was much needed in this house of poorly people!!
(Apparantly this variety of Cauli (Romanesco) is best eaten raw or lightly steamed as 'it's all about the looks - honey' and admittedly the whole reason I grew this variety was because it looks so much cooler than your average cauli, but - when it comes to eating a raw green fractal, I'm not sure I'd get many hands up, so soup it was.)

Have jolly weekends friends, and an exciting countdown to the big day x


  1. Oh how gorgeous! We missed my son's nativity this year, so I can only imagine how lovely they are to watch. He looked like a very cute star! Have a great weekend and fantastic Christmas x

  2. Oh poor you, it's horrible being stuck inside for so long too. We all have colds here but I'm hoping.they won't stick around for too long. What a sweet little star! Nativities are just the cutest, I had to try so hard not to cry at Elizabeths last week. Hope your cauliflower recipe works and your all feeling much better soon. xx

  3. Germs abound in this house too... The nativity photo is too cute! There is something very sweet and innocent about small children dressed up, getting their lines wrong, standing up at the wrong time and fidgeting. x

  4. Oh dear, hope you're both feeling better! Your boy looks so cute in his star costume :-) x

  5. I love how your pictures tell a story. Lovely pictures and words, thanks for sharing with us.
    Bella xx


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