Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More blue and orange faves...

Although clearly I have not yet mastered the art of pulling pictures in posts nicely, (tips anyone?) you can see where this is going... (hopefully!)

Ingela Tivoli Balloons print here
Aardvark Tea towel here
Orla Pot here
Ingela P Arrenhius Plate here
Karlsson Clock here
Marimekko Oven glove here

I'm working on this little collection of mine!


  1. I love your choices! If you want to put pictures side by side you need to set up a table using CSS. Go into blogger help forum and search for this. Or go into a photo editing programme and make a collage. Picnik used to be brilliant for this but has now closed. I'm using for editing but it doesn't yet have a collage feature. It's coming soon. I love Picmonkey and it's free! x

  2. Love the Tivoli Ballons.
    Off to check out Picmonkey, also as I have an issue adding images too!


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