Friday, 26 April 2013

On being an Organised Person

Morning All.

Been a bit quiet around here of late.

I'm having a bit of a lull me thinks, and I'm sort of understanding that this happens to me  occasionally, where I have to shut down a bit from the cyber world out there, collect my thoughts, do things without writing about them, draw things without posting them and get on with life I guess.

Not that I've actually done much to write about or drawn much to post because I have, I suppose, just been doing all the things I really should do all the time, but am not actually that good (read: rubbish) at doing.
I call this being an Organised Person.

I'm pretty frustrated that I'm so crap at being an Organised Person, because I reckon I did use to be pretty ok at being one a while back.
Then, for a time, I quite accepted that I tackled things as they came up, didn't have much of a diary on paper despite saying yes to doing pretty much everything (it was all stored in my head! when I remembered anyway) and got on with life in a sort of haphazard way.
It worked.
However, now, it seems, it does not work.
Increasingly I am rushing to do things, fit things in, forget things are happening and doing things twice because the first time it went wrong. And it's doing my head in!

I guess I need to get on with writing things down, more list making, prioritising, reading things PROPERLY and well, just knowing what I should be doing and when, but this seems like quite a difficult task in itself!

(It was easier when I 'Real Job and No Children' because that job was all I had to do, and not the other bits too. Or rather I did have to do the other bits too, but 'just' not the child bits which actually is what completely and utterly now is my reason for being.)

I love being at home, being my 'own boss' and especially not having anyone to tell me What To Do.
But in fact that is actually what I need.
This is an odd post for me and now I read through it a bit of a whinge, so perhaps I need to just stop feeling a bit sorry for myself and get on with getting organised.
But please, could somebody tell me how to do it?!

ps. My creativity has also stumbled a little this week. Inspiration came in the form of my jolly tesco's tulips. A Still Life Saturday Sketch this week folks! x


  1. I have the same feelings frequently and have to force myself to write lists, slow down and complete one task at a time. It does work but it doesn't come naturally to me. Have a good weekend. Claire xo

  2. I am the same, I can be very scatterbrained and forgetful, and I say yes to absolutely everything. If I don't write things down I forget them. I keep a notepad in the kitchen with stuff I need to remember to do throughout the week, like take Bella's Rainbows subscription fees, go to a meeting, post a birthday card, buy lightbulbs...the sort of boring stuff that only matters when you forget to do it! x

  3. Post it notes/ writing on back of hand/ telling others to remind me - as I get older I'm having to resort to these things more and more. Sometimes it does become a bit overwhelming and that's when it's time to sit back and reassess things - this sounds just like what you are doing. Organisation is good in many ways but if we were like that all the time think how dull life would be! Jane x


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