Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday sketch

Thank so much for your advice last week!
I have excelled this week in writing lists.
And on Monday and Tuesday I actually acheived what was written on said list!
It went a bit downhill from there, but hey it's a start.
And the above words are set to remind us all that even when you've got washing up to your ears and dust forming layers on your telly, don't forget to do the happy bits too.

And - the sun is shining so what's not to be happy about? ; )



  1. I agree you have to abandon the list sometimes especially when its a sunny day. Well done with your list making. Claire xo

  2. Yes, as Claire says, lists are all well and good but when it's a sunny day all bets are off! I love your illustration today. Wise words indeed. x

    1. Thanks Gillian! It's a shame the sun has disappeared now and it's freezing again! Back to my lists... ;)

  3. Do you know the poem that starts 'Dust if you must' ? So much that's more important to do :)

    1. Annie - amazing poem! I have never seen it before, but now think it will definitely be noted, and illustrated - a must! Thanks! x


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