Monday, 23 April 2012

Hello again...

It's been a while...sorry!
Life feels a bit on hold (still) while the builders take an age (what is it with builders?) to fit out a tiny room..
The house is a bombsite whilst we wait and wait, (how do I collect so much crap?!) and as much as I think I can cope with mess, it's not conducive to sitting down comfortably with a cuppa and blogging. It has been lovely to catch up with all your posts though, and have something to take my mind off the thought of painting neatly around an extractor fan!

So, with the rain on its way the amazing sky inspired me to take a picture and share with you. Hello again... x


  1. Hello Jen! You've been missed. Gorgeous skyline pic. You can almost smell the rain coming in it. x

  2. and what a lovely photo it is. x

  3. Hello! What a gorgeous pic.
    I'm a bit scared because we are about to head straight into where you are.
    We are about to pull apart our kitchen to fit and plumb in a new wood cooker.
    I have so much stuff to move and it will be so messy and I wonder like you, how long it will be before I can calmly sit and drink tea and blog again.
    I hope you are through and onto the fun part of moving back in by now.

  4. Keep your sights fixed on the end result, I say. Geez, it's all a bit like a labour really...

  5. I'm with you, Jen! I know exactly how it feels: we've had work in our apartment recently and it was awful: the mess, the dust, the smell of paint, I couldn't wait to clean and be comfy at home again!
    And, yes, why does it always take forever to build or repair something at home?!!

    Oh and thank you so much for your comment on my post about my baby losing his tooth. I loved your comment and it really comforted me, I even mentionned you today on my blog :)

  6. PS: I thought I was a member of your blog already...

  7. The sky's always prettiest before and after it rains :)

    1. Right - it's just a shame we're not getting much of the 'before and after' bit these days, just mostly 'during'! ;-)

  8. Kate, thanks, yes almost returning to our old selves, dust is settling while the paint smell lingers. However, i'm pretty chuffed with the end results, so whilst I can't say your upheaval will be easy, once you've got your new wood burner in you'll be as pleased as punch.
    So Tania, yes I guess you're right!!!


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