Monday, 2 April 2012

The last of the sun...

So we've headed up north for the Easter hols...which sounded like a good idea until I saw the weather forecast, which predicts snow, yes SNOW in the North of England most of this week.
Hmm. Not good.
So as I look out at the silver birch in the garden this evening and marvel at the amazing colour it has turned in the dying sunbeams, I have a feeling I won't be seeing a repeat performance of this spectacle for quite some time. At least not this week anyway.

Still, we have a week to fill, so am looking forward to filling it with happiness, so musn't be too glum!
Will keep you posted!


  1. Yip, I'm expecting snow showers tomorrow. Can't believe it for the Easter holidays! Have a lovely week. x

  2. Enjoy snow & all. Following you right back - liking the blog x

    1. Thanks Karen! If it snows you'll all hear about it that's for sure x

  3. enjoy the week! lovely photo. xo

  4. we saw on the news yesterday, of snow in the north. nuts! ah well, hopefully you'll all enjoy it whatever the weather.

  5. thanks for checking me out! Your photos are lovely. Can't wait to see more and learn more about you!

  6. Enjoy your time, think positive (you can get great photographs with the snow)!


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