Monday, 2 July 2012

I have just booked a fancy night away for me and my man to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.
God, nine years - how did that happen?
It will be the first night we have spent away from the children, on our own, EVER. (ie. since they were born, I mean - not in our whole lives ever, obviously).
So I got me thinkin 'bout shoes.
However, since all I've done is wear converse/birk/convers/birk depending on the season for the last hundred years, I'm not quite sure I'll be able to manage anything that isn't flat.
But I really want to!
So since I've still got a penchant for orange at the  moment, these are a few I've got my eye on....

What do you think? Or have you any other ideas for moi? ; )


ps all shoes from here


  1. hi jen. congratulations on 9 years. how wonderful. i love all of these shoes but find wedges easier to walk in. if i go a while not wearing heels i find these more comfortable but still a dress up. enjoy your night away when it comes around. lovely to hear from you. xo

  2. Sounds great. Can't help you with the shoes though, I can't walk in any kind of heels no matter how tiny. I need flats! x


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