Friday, 8 February 2013

This week's colours...

So after a gloomy, and certainly chilly start to the week, we finally saw the sun again. And how it lifts my spirits!
It's not until we have one of these really gorgeous blue skied early mornings that I realise that mostly I just *get through* the winter.
Oh, don't get me wrong,  the odd snowball fight, cosying by the fire, toasty slippers and layers of woolly comfyness I can deal with (for a bit) ..
..but really I'm a Sunshine Gal.

And so I feel like spring is finally springing today. Things are stirring, the sun is really shining, and there were jewels waiting for me 'down the lottie' this morning to boost me even more!

So this week, we're forgetting the greys and whites and a big shout out to Gorgeous Green and Perfect Purple! Hello Colour!

How about you guys... what are your colours this week?

Hope you've had a good one! x

Ps Hellooo to all two and two's new friends! Welcome... It's lovely to have you here. x


  1. I'm very much a sunshine girl too :) We've had loads of bright blue skies here, so that'd be my colour for the week x

  2. I am totally a sunshine girl too. Nothing like a sunny day to lift your spirits. x

  3. Absolutely! Nothing like a little sun to lift the spirits. There was a brief moment this morning when the wind dropped and the sun came out and there was a smell of things growing and I thought spring will come...eventually.

    Gillian x

  4. My colours are sky blue ... for obvious reasons ... so lovely to see it peeking through the clouds and white and green ... from the gorgeous little snowdrops popping up everywhere ... winter is nearly at an end ... hope you have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  5. the daffodils and snowdrops our out, the buds on trees.... spring is certainly on it's way.
    i'm an autumn girl though, but i enjoy each season for it's unique offerings.

    bring on the light!

    1. Hi Monica, yes I do love a bit of autumn too - but definitely those warmer days just as everything is turning. Lovely colours too x

  6. The birds are tweeting as I write this - there's another sign. Bring on Spring xo

  7. I'm a sunshine gal too, we had a brief glimpse of it through the week, but today the snow is back! BTW, I love, love, love my new print. Thanks so much again. Just need to paint the Ribba frame then it's going up on the kitchen wall :-) Going to feature it on Tea Party Tuesday next week!
    Happy weekend,

  8. it definitely already feels like spring here in Texas... summer actually at nearly 80 degrees some days! I wish our winters were slightly longer... I love a good snow :)

    1. Hi Leslie thanks for visiting! Yes, we are all a bit guilty of wanting what we haven't got, I'm kind of wishing I was in Texas now!


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