Saturday, 15 June 2013

That old chestnut...

So where does the time go?

It seems a hundred years ago we went to France. It seems a hundred years ago we came back!
I can barely remember it (except a beautiful beach, happy splashes in the pool and (of course) a few choice words exchanged when following a 'diversion' in downtown Rouen).
But yes, we did have a holiday, and we did return, I just decided I would like a little bit more of doing not much at all upon our return.
In reality this meant not much ipad/mac/pen/pencil but still much cooking/cleaning/shopping/school running.
Oh well.

Today was the boys long awaited school summer fair. Promises of sunshine, bouncy castles, face painting and candy floss. Hey, 3 out of 4 ain't bad. (you guessed it, no amount of parent volunteers could help run the sunshine stall today).
So after a damp day, a large piece of chocolate fudge cake and a cuppa I found myself thinking "ooh, i wonder what's been going on in the world of pinterest?" (as you do).
And there we have it, I'm back.

I came across this Buddha quote and found it to be rather apt, so wrote it up to share with you all.

Have a happy weekend. I look forward greatly to catching up with you all.


  1. So wise... welcome back. Claire xo

  2. Lovely to see you back Jen and Buddha was indeed very wise ... Bee xx

  3. Great to see you back here Jen! Glad the holiday was fun, I hope the holiday feeling lingered a bit. x

  4. Helloooo! Welcome back although your break coincided with mine :-). Great quote though and sooo true!


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