Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bring me sunshine . . .

Ruffhouseart letterpress coasters

Thanks to Jen at little birdie, who has sent a sunshine award my way, so I can share a few more life snippets with you all...

So my favourite....
Colour is... Yellow. (but a big grey fan too, eek)

Animal... (thinking long and hard about this one..)

Non-alcohol drink...Fizzy water. (Also perfect with white wine if you remove the 'non' part of this question!)

Facebook or Twitter...Neither (sorry) Only just getting the hang of a blog!

Getting or giving presents... Giving. Particularly to my husband who opens and receives presents with the enthusiasm of a small boy. He is often seen punching the air shouting 'YES' if I have done a grand job.

Flower... Tulips.

Pattern...Its hard to choose between stripes or triangles. Depends on end use i suppose. I have many striped tops (as do my boys), but there is only ONE triangle bag.

Passion...Recently uncovered - gardening! (who'd have thought it.) It's the allotments fault.

Number...33. Am unsure why.

Anyhow, enough about me. I now pass on some sunshine awards of my own to 5 more lovely blogs..

goodnight prudence
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check them out - some lovely pics, recipes and ideas!


  1. i was only just popping over here to say hello and read your comment over on mine :) thanks jen. i think this is a lovely idea and appreciate you thinking of me. i like these little snippets. very sweet. will post mine soon. xo.

  2. WOW! seeing my blog name at the bottom of this post, really made my day! thank you so much jen. feels so lovely to receive a sunshine award. i love triangles too, so pretty. look forward to posting mine. thanks again. x

  3. Thanks for nominating me for this, I have just posted my answers! x

  4. Sunshine, me? Thank you. Lizzy Lou also passed this on to me, so I hope you don't mind me combining both! x

    1. Not at all! looking forward to your post. x

  5. Awwwwww - I love that your husband reacts in that way to presents.

    I can think of many things my husband does that warrants him to act as a small boy again - or so he thinks- but it's not to presents. I'd say more like leaving the loo seat up or lid off the toothpaste so I always end up with the dried bit!

    Happy weekend to you and 'hello'

    Nina x


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