Wednesday, 21 March 2012

This weeks' photo-a-day..

Before we (that's a giant family 'we') got ill, I got quite good at doing this one a day thing, however am now getting good at letting it slip, it seems. Anyhow, here's my catch-ups...

Nothing like a bit of comedy sunglasses wearing from the boy.

My favourite Anthropologie glass (currently being used as a toothbrush holder).
From the 'time before children' when I didn't mind paying over the odds for a toothbrush holder if it was pretty.
(Also from the time before my passport expired, the time before Anthropologie existed in the UK, and the time when I used to travel (wow!)
I've had this a while.

A corner of your home.
Lots of things I haven't seen (or touched) for years. Aren't everyone's bedside cabinet corners full of 'unthrowable away' stuff like mine??? 
Ah compilation cassettes, the good old days.


  1. I took up Fatmumslim's March Photo a Day Challenge and was interested to see your photos. What a beautiful shade of green your glass is.

    1. Hi Gai - thanks for your visit! I enjoyed the photo challenge, it gave me something a bit creative to think about whilst getting thru the a-z of my day. I rather gave up towards the end of well done for keeping it up!


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