Friday, 21 September 2012

Rich pickings!

Inspired by the blue skies and slight chill in the air we got out and about, discovering some unexplored territory nearby and came across a wonderful little orchard ... (as you do)...

Well, not quite... 

I've never been apple picking before, so decided to do a bit of online research to find our nearest orchards, thinking we could merrily pop along and help ourselves.... 
But it seems unless you're in the know, there aren't too many of these around. Most orchards my neck of the woods are either privately owned, or community orchards.  
Community orchards do sound like a great idea. They may be owned or leased for or by the community or parish council, or by a local authority or voluntary body. As well as enjoying the place, a gathering of friends, neighbours and locals can share the harvest or profit from its sale, taking responsibility for any work in the orchard.

This sounds like great thing to be part of. So with energy I contacted the trust who run the local orchard.
Unfortunately my nearest community orchard asks friends and visitors not to pick the apples, as they are all collected to be used for apple juice, with the proceeds from Apple Day sales going back to the trust that runs the orchard and the park it sits in - so as much as I love this idea, my plans for foraging for free apples was scuppered!

Not to be put off,  my tack changed slightly and I did find a lovely farm orchard running PYO apples rasps and blackberries half an hours drive away... so although my romantic dreams of stumbling across a crumpled tree in the middle of nowhere laden with fruit just waiting for me were dashed, we were still able to pick THE most delicious apples I have ever tasted.

And the boys loved it.

And look what we made!

A dorset apple cake with additional lemon and blackberries to add to the merriment. Deelish!

Thanks also for your lovely comments on my last post, the boys have both had a great week at nursery and school, and I've had a great week clock watching, going to the loo unaccompanied and achieving and completing various household tasks!

Happy weekends to you all x


  1. We are fortunate to have a PYO near by, such a simple pleasure spending a relaxing few hours there.

  2. Looks like lots of fun and that apple cake looks and sounds delicious. Happy weekend to you. x

  3. Oh that cake looks Devine! Love the bit about going to the loo alone. Made me smile! :)

  4. The best apples are the ones you've picked.

    You need to find some friendly neighbours that have fruit trees in their gardens - there is always far too many if you grow your own and everyone I know literally gives them away.

    Nina x

    1. Good advice Nina - and after the slight mention of the words 'apple' and 'picking' in the playground at pick up time I have had several offers of back garden apples already! (enough for cider making now I hope!)

  5. What a lovely post: apple picking and cake baking are a dream team, don't you think? Your pictures are very pretty too.

    It's lovely to 'meet' you. I'll be back ;-)


    1. Dream team indeed Stephanie - used the rest to make more apple goodies, to everyone's sweet-toothed delight. Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment, you're welcome here any time x


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