Friday, 12 October 2012

Rainbow chutney

I've never had time, or the tomato glut, to make chutney before! Another first in our house.

It was becoming apparant though that the remainder of my garden tomatoes were not going to get any riper (or redder) so I thought I rustle up a 'rainbow' chutney and see how I got on.

Having checked out a few chutney recipes online which all looked much of a muchness I thought I'd just try my own version with what I had hanging around the kitchen...
I hadn't realised it was so easy.

Cut everything* up, chuck it all in a pan, let it bubble away for an hour and hey presto...

I love the way you start off with what looks like a summer fruit salad, and end up with an aromatic golden concoction filling the house with spiced autumn fruitiness.

Think I might treat myself to a tasty bit of cheese to go with this!

*I can be more specific if any of you are interested, but basically 'everything' is:
- red, orange and green tomatoes 
- red onion
- sultanas
- sugar
- salt
- ginger
- cayenne
- allspice
- black pepper
- wine vinegar



  1. That looks pretty arranged in colour order! I didn't know it was that easy either! X

    1. Hope it's inspired you to try, it really was super easy. x

  2. I love the way you arranged the tomatoes in colour order, so effective! It also looks very tempting in those jars with the fabulous labels. Yum. x

    1. It sort of happened by accident - I automatically chopped the reddest ones first, then the not so ripe, then the downright never to be ripe ones! Only when I was running out of space on the chopping board did I realise it looked quite pretty! Labels are all part of my quest to be a bit creative so thanks for the thumbs up x

  3. I love the idea of rainbow chutney - we have so many green tomatoes and I feel the weather is only going to get colder here on in I really must do something with them.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Nina x

    1. Yep there's no much chance of the rest of my crop ripening so it really was the thought of all the greenies going to waste that motivated me. Hope it inspires you to create your own chutney too x

  4. Loving that new header - did you draw that? It's beautiful! And well done on the chutney making, I'm full of good intentions but never get around to actually sorting anything out. x

    1. Thanks Jen, yes though I'd have a go at re-inventing my header... my tiny steps in being a bit more arty every day! Have a lovely weekend x

  5. They must taste delicious, and I am so in love with the jars with your super tags! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Looks yummy and your labels are cute!


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