Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rug Love

Strange title, I know, but I came across these wonderful floor coverings this evening (pre-'Homeland' surfing)...

Really stunning. (and beautifully styled)... Just a shame they're only available in Australia!
All rugs are from Loom.


  1. Stunning. I like the way they are styled too.

  2. Oh LIKE! Especially that top one. Very nice find Jen. But probably just as well that they are not available here as it's just more temptation! x

    1. Yes you're SO right! Oh well, at least we can look!

  3. Gorgeous. Loom rugs are the best. Now remind me why I didn't buy one when we were living there?!

  4. lovely finds. that last is stunning and i would love to own it.

  5. I love these, they are really beautiful. I am not yet addicted to Homeland, but everyone keeps telling me how good it is, so I may have to crack and buy the first series box set when it comes out! x


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