Monday, 28 January 2013


I've had a grumpy weekend.

I didn't have anything to talk about, to write about, to do, even.

I couldn't put my finger on why I was feeling so rubbish and then I thought Oh yes of course it was those unthought-about, unnecessary comments I received about something I had been working on last week. The little thing I pushed to one side easily when I was busy-busy-busy reared it's ugly head the minute I had 5 minutes to enjoy the weekend.
Mr R would say Just forget about it! Don't listen! (as I no doubt would if the tables were turned) but when you feel shit about something, it's not that easy is it?

And isn't it funny (and typical) that all you can think about, despite all the happy smiley cheers of enthusiasm you've been getting along the way is the negative bit.

But those words up there are right.

To start doubting is to start losing little bits of the dream and Hey I'm not ready for that, There's more to come, I want to carry on dreaming, And creating!

It took some, but by Sunday evening 2 excited day trippers to London (the boys), sausage and mash, a finished project I'm very proud of and an Etsy order (wahey!) won the day.
And "pants" to the silly thoughtless over inflated sense of importance ego tripping woman anyway.

Well. Now I've got that out I think I'll go and demolish the massive bar of Galaxy I've just bought from Londis. x

ps. to all those lovely comments with regards to my posh breakfast last week, it VERY RARELY happens. And the good photographs were just fluke!


  1. yes. self-doubt. insecurities are simply mirrored in those around us.

    and i've found that once i fell in love with the process, rather than the results, joy returned to my creativity, and other people's opinions become irrelevant.

  2. Not worth doubting over, just be yourself and follow your dreams. x

  3. self-doubt is hard. I wish I were better at having a clear view of it, you know?

    I know that it is probably somewhat (and sometimes) a valuable course-corrector, but it's so easy to get caught up on the needlessly negative (why is it so much easier to believe than the positive?) and obsess on it.

    keep dreaming. and creating. and eating chocolate!


  4. Boo to the thoughtless comments! Glad you ended up having a lovely weekend after all. x

  5. love the " pato the silly thoughtless over inflated sense of importance ego tripping woman anyway.

    galaxy always saves the day :-)

    Annie x

  6. Well done to shrugging off those thoughtless comments, and I'm glad your salvaged something for yourself from the weekend. Yay for galaxy!

    Gillian x

  7. Very postive comments to help overshadow the rubbish life can throw at us at times hey.
    Thoroughly enjoyed just having a good old read through your posts. (older and recent)
    Hope you get some more inspiration and positivity.

    Lauren :)


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