Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Market day...

 Yes, you guessed it. We bought chillis!
Watch out tastebuds.....there is a man in the house making chutney.
And not just any old chutney.
This chutney will blow your socks off.

I'm not a massive chilli lover, but with chunk of cheese (and even a crumpet - weird I know) this chernobyl chutney is delish.
The smell has been permeating through the house for a few hours now... come tomorrow I'll sneak a bit, although I guess really I'm supposed to wait for it to 'mature' a little. 

I'll let you know how it tastes tomorrow!


The recipe? Yes my man will share it.. (in man-speak)

1kg tomatoes
9 red chillis (or less for a less firey version)
2 red onions
450ml malt vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil
250g sugar

Chop it all up, throw it in a pan and boil up the lot for 4 hours (or longer if you want it really sticky). 
Five jars for two quid. Not bad. 

ps. thanks so much for your replies to my last post, very much appreciated x


  1. It looks and sounds fantastic - is the man prepared to share his recipe or the source? Wow photos xo

  2. Here's someone else who'd like the recipe please...sounds fab x

  3. Lovely photos Jen ... I really loved chillis until recently but they don't seem to like me anymore ... so sorry to hear about the negativity which upset you ... rise above it ... it usually stems from jealousy ... set aside all the doubt and get back to what you're great at ... all that lovely creativity :) ... hugs ... Bee xx

    1. Yes chillis aren't everyones cup of tea, I'm often berated for coughing and spluttering after tasting one of Mr R's concoctions. Boo that you can't enjoy them like you used to though. And thanks for your lovely words too x

  4. Really lovely photos, Jen, especially the second one. Pretty bowls too - are they from anthropologie? I love chutney, making and eating it, although I think when I make this I may slightly reduce the chilli content! :-)

    Gillian x

    1. Thanks Gillian, I'm practising...can you tell I got a new camera for christmas? ;)
      Yes, the bowls are wonderful gifts from anthro - I think I'm developing a bowl addiction!
      I'd go for a few less chillis myself, (although this one i must admit tastes wonderfully sweet with a blast at the end)... enjoy making yours, and eating it! x


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