Thursday, 28 March 2013

Reading the (wall)paper

Decorating a room means I am actually 'allowed' to spend (read:waste) time browsing online homeware stores in the hope I might come across something that's absolutely perfect for said new room that I can actually afford.
Well, the latter rarely happens, but I do tend to put in my all when it comes to the actual time spent waiting for it to happen.

I found this wallpaper today, from here
I like it, it's a bit quirky.

Its £128 a roll, so like I say, I'm still waiting for the stuff I can afford to pop up, but it would be great to liven up a dull corner.
(While I write this I am just loft must be holding at least this amount of once read books so maybe I should just retrieve them from their darkness and stack them up in my dull corner..hey presto...what a saving!)



  1. Amazing! I love it (just not the price so much!) Fun for a downstairs loo!

    Looking online for housey bits and bobs is such a good way to spend an evening - we're still in the process of doing up our dining room, so I waste lots of time looking online for decorating inspiration!

  2. love the wallpaper - shame abut the price!

    Nikki x

  3. Oh yes ... I have those stacks in the attic too ... love the wallpaper ... Bee xx

  4. Ok that wallpaper is genuis, but £128 a roll??? Blimey. That makes the Orla Kiely wallpaper I want seem cheap at £50 a roll!

    By the way I am on the inaluxe website daily, trying to choose which print I like the best and generally making John's life miserable by 1. trying to get him to give me an opinion, and 2. persuading him that we need one. I blame you!

    Gillian xx

  5. Well you could use your old books but - hm - I think it might be a little bit precarious!!! Jane x


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