Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Saturday Sketch #3 (and more)

Hello, hello.

How easily a week flies by!
So, can you guess what we've been up to this week?

Yep, inspired by Gillian's decorated start to the year, ( and my my hopelessly un-decorated bedroom for the past 10 years) I got cracking with some bedroom wall painting and dreaming of new duvet covers, prints and accessories for our little retreat.

I always think I quite like decorating.

However, I remember now, this is not strictly true.

 What I like is when its over.

And then the dreaming of nice this, nice that and nice the other can stop being dreaming and start, well, being.

I have already taken the bold step of choosing white, yes WHITE for the walls. I'm so lame!

This is so I can nick Gillian's idea of changing colour schemes when the mood takes me and it only involves swapping a few cushions and putting up a different picture - and not spending any of that 'big-ish' money. Top tip.

Yellow is up there too, a) because it is so cheery and b) because I already have a yellow eiderdown that is waiting to be unleashed into its full glory.

And undyed linen, as my headboard and curtains are staying (a lot of open weave ikea linen fabric went into making a valance, headboard cover and curtains and I"m not ready to replace all that effort on a sewing machine)

But the big decision now is choosing the flooring.

When we moved in we stripped the floor back to the original pine floorboards, and although I still love this look, the time has come for something a bit softer under foot.

But what colour carpet goes with white walls, natural linen curtains and a yellow bedspread?

('Natural' makes me nervous, because really it's just brown, and I'd like something a bit well, nicer than just brown.)

What would you choose? Have you seen any great pics that might work?

I'm really loving these prints from inaluxe and this Isa mountain range....and I'm thinking grey might be a good option....decisions, decisions...

Well, back to the painting. Woodwork now. Then the end is in sight. Hoorah!

Happy weekends to you all



  1. Love those prints off for a look, good luck with the decorating!

  2. I'm a big fan of white walls (especially in the bedroom) but that is probably because I love accessories and pictures. Have you thought about keeping the stripped floors and just getting a large rug to put under the bed? I've seen bedrooms like that on Pinterest so it may be worth a look. Have fun decorating! x

  3. Love the sketch and the sentiment that goes with it. I also like the grey prints you've selected. We have a pale carpet in our bedroom and it needs regular hoovering - I'd go for the rug option too. Maybe one each side of the bed? Enjoy the project. Claire xo

  4. Your illustration is perfect and totally sums up how I felt throughout the process! I really can't claim to have invented the white wall look, but bless you. I am not a fan of decorating either - my productivity that week was mostly due to the fact that my mum came to stay and she did most of it!

    The carpet is a tricky one. I like carpet underfoot in bedrooms but yes, too pale gets mucky, too "neutral" basically means brown. How about paining the floorboards white then buying three or four cheap white sheepskin rugs from Ikea? Very scandi-chic. I always wanted to do that but John would never let me.

    Those inaluxe prints are stunning, I want all of them. xx

  5. Hello! I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can read about it at my blog. Polly x

  6. I really like this week's Saturday Sketch! I have so many newly plastered walls to paint over the next few months, I'll be keeping your sketch in mind to help me to keep going! I think grey anything is always a good option! Hope it's going well. x

  7. Thanks for your comments guys! Walls finished curtains back up..still no flooring decision though!!!! X

  8. I think to balance the look you're going to need a pale/neutral carpet, otherwise all eyes will go to the floor. Is something patterned an option? That way you could introduce a few hints of an accent colour without rendering the floor the darkest thing in the room.

    Love the image :)

  9. Wow!! Love the sketch! You're very talented! And whoever did those colorful prints at the bottom is also! I like all of those!


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