Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Saturday Sketch

I'm not sure I've ever posted 2 days in a row before, but committed as I am... here's your Saturday Sketch #2:

There's an empty wall in my bathroom, above the toilet.
I was inspired to fill it. (The wall, not the toilet.)
I'm liking this one!

Happy weekend to all, and thank you for all your lovely comments recently, they inspire me too, and are always a pleasure to read.


  1. Jen, that's so funny! Before I read the rest of your post, the minute I saw that I thought that above the loo would be the best place to hang it. x

  2. That's brilliant Jen, I love it! x

  3. Thanks guys. Glad I was able to raise a few smiles with this one. Roll on next Saturday!

  4. Haha. I have just found this blog and really love your work. I am moving house soon and when I have I think I shall buy some of your lovely prints! x (especially if you have the teacup and raincloud ne in your etsy shop by then!)

    1. Thankyou Hayley Sarah, it's lovely to have you here. Do let me know when you've moved house...if the rain cloud print isn't listed in my etsy shop then I will set up a listing just for you!!


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