Friday, 15 March 2013

Writers block

It seems I am not alone in my recent brain-fug with regards to creating.

On a run-of-the-mill en masse nursery 'play-date' for Mr Jim at the local sweat-pit-that-is-a-soft-play-centre this week I discovered a fellow creative lurking within the plastic padded wall structure behind the curly-wurly slide.

She is writing a novel.

Or rather, not writing a novel -at the moment- as she awaits a flash of inspiration for 'the next bit'.

Aha, I said, I know that feeling! And I told her of my Saturday Sketch idea. I also pointed her in the direction of the lovely elephantine blog whose "Fiction Friday" might just inspire her in the same way.

We also decided that what was absolutely required was a meeting of 'creative minds' (!) at least once a week in the Waterstones cafe in town, where we would, well, drink coffee if nothing else, but hopefully inspire each other somehow too.

It was nice to meet someone new. Whose eyes lit up when I told her of quirky little ideas.

So when I came across this a-m-a-z-i-n-g typewriter on etsy yesterday, I immediately thought of her. 

Who could fail to be inspired to write if this was your preferred method?

(I know it inspires me to draw it...just look at those colours!)


ps if you don't know Rachel's blog over at elephantine then do go and take a look, as well as the fiction she makes gorgeous jewellery and has wonderful taste when it comes to pinned images.


  1. how lovely to make a new friend unexpectedly. I will definitely check out the elephantine blog!

    Nikki x

  2. Love meeting like minded creative souls ... they always make the best friends and I adore that typewriter ... Bee xx

  3. It's always wonderful when you meet someone that sparkles a light on your creativity.
    Love the typewriter. :)

  4. Love how you have written this - enjoy your new coffee-creative-buzz-buddy. See you've inspired me too. And that typewriter is lovely. I spent a while reading elephantine last night - right up my street. Thanks Jen xo

    1. Thanks Claire! Glad you enjoyed a new blog too!

  5. How lovely! Meeting other creative folk is always good. Off to have a look at that elephantine blog now. I've been meaning to start writing a book whilst on maternity leave...perhaps I'll get cracking now!x

  6. I seem to have zoned out of being creative since Christmas really. Mostly I think it's due to fear of failure. I have 2 orders to get done one so I have no choice, but it's not a nice feeling! It's nice to find a like minded soul so enjoy your coffee meetings xx

  7. How lovely to meet a kindred spirit in a soft play centre of all places! That typewriter is fabulous.

    Gillian x

  8. Oh wow - to make a friend like that! You were definitely meant to meet! x

  9. Hi there, lovely to be here. This post chimed with my feelings in so many ways! As a working mum with two wee ones I struggle sometimes to have a creative life and also to find like minded people to share stuff with! How lucky to find a kindred soul in the soft play! I have had a few moments like that too, and my friends who share stuff with me I treasure. Love the fiction friday and saturday sketch ideas. Hope to visit you again soon, Jo xx

    1. Thanks Jo, for visiting! It's tough for us mums, so much is concentrated on the children that our interests often never get discussed at the school gate! It's no surprise then that we seldom meet anyone we have something in common with...but a joy when we do. Glad you have managed this too! X

  10. Yes that blog is amazing, just got totally engrossed in her fiction friday posts! Thanks so much for sharingBrilliant writer!


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